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Give your customers the power of personalisation


The ArtisticCard card customisation solution from Integrico enables you to deliver personally customised credit, debit and gift cards using images selected by you or your client. By allowing customers to choose their own image for their card, ArtisticCard’s unique personalisation sparks interest, increases loyalty, increase revenue and enables you to make relevant and targeted offerings to current and potential clients.

There are three components to the ArtisticCard solution.



A secure and fully customisable card designing application, the Designer component allows your clients to create their own personalised cards online, either using their own photos or choosing from a gallery of pre-selected and approved photos. Once the customer has confirmed the image, they are shown a template of the card, incorporating the fixed elements such as your company logo, the card issue date, etc. They then have the opportunity to ‘edit’ the image, zooming in or out, rotating, or moving the image within the template.



Within the Admin component of ArtisticCard there are three intuitive operating controls for the card issuer.

Order Management gives the card issuer the ability to edit the orders created by their customers.

Category Image Management allows the card issuer to choose the categories and default images available the customers using the Designer.

Template Management is the interface where the card issuer can edit the templates for the cards available for customisation.



This component of the ArtisticCard solution is an essential element in analysing the product’s usage. It generates detailed reports for card issuer on the users of ArtisticCard, showing how many have used the Designer application, the conversion and bounce rates, along with the most popular images chosen from the categories. The report can be customised entirely according to the card issuer’s needs.


To access the ArtisticCard Demo please click here: View Demo

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