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BankID is a personal online ID for secure identification and signing on the web.

In the physical world a person identify itself with a passport, driving license or any other identification document. In the electronic world you can use your BankID to confirm who your are. In the physical world a person use a pen to sign a contract. In the electronic world you will be able to use your BankID to sign documents and messages electronically.

With BankID you can sign documents electronically so that you donĀ“t need to be present personally or send a post, i.e. an application for your child school admission, opening an account, applying for a credit card and much more.

BankID is an ID that is available for the citizens of Norway.

Until now approximately 3 million active BankID has been issued and together they are used 900 000 to 1000 000 times per day.


For more information about BankID please visit BankIDs official web site or contact us.

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