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E-PostBox is an advanced web-based platform for communication and archiving, provided by Integrico. E-PostBox offers banks and organizations a secure communication channel between their clients and employees. The solution decrease costs for by offering a centralized focal point for access and storage of messages and documents.



Centralized document management and archiving

A document is created only once i.e. by the bank’s system which stores the document on a central server (E-PostBox). Only the link to that document is sent to the user, thereby duplicates are never created.

Secure access

User will access the document and message after the system has verified the user.

Cost and time efficient

The solution save costs such as postal charges and printing. It is also environment-friendly since there is no paper usage. It also provides a fast way to communicate.

Enhanced Customer Service

The solution enhances the value of services provided by the banks to the clients. Clients will have all their     important documents available in a centralized online system 24x7.

The same solution is used by 86 Norwegian banks where all user confidential documents such as account statements, payment statements, stock settlements and insurance documents are delivered to the user’s E-PostBox for online access. The solution currently serves over 20 million messages and documents.



  • The solution is implemented with high level of data security.
  • The information is only available to the authenticated user.
  • All communication is done over a secure channel.



The system supports several login mechanisms such as:

  1. OTP Digipass
  2. BankID (A Norwegian security infrastructure)
  3. PIN/TAN
  4. User name and password
  5. Single Sign On solutions such as Shared Sessions and Sifon verifier (SSO product from IVH Solutions) This solution enables users to navigate from existing systems (i.e. Internet Bank) to E-PostBox without entering their  login information again.


For more information about E-PostBox or to make an appoint for demonstration please contact us.

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