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The Board

Sherry Warsi – Chairman of the Board

sherrySherry is Chairman of the Board at Integrico, a company he was part of setting up in 2002 to implement and integrate banking solutions across Europe, and an acting Vice-Presiden. Sherry has over 10 years experience in the IT sector and responsible for managing the operations of Integrico, including leading the sales and support for its technology, business planning and development, and customer care.

Through Integrico, Sherry has worked with leading Scandinavian companies and organisations such as Swedbank, SDC, Bank Norwegian and Terra-Gruppen, overseeing the implementation of solutions including SABA, along with upgrades and mergers. His previous role was as a systems architect and technical project manager for German e-business solutions provider Brokat Technologies, where he worked with SEB in London, Parex Bank and Terra-Gruppen.

Sherry holds an MSc from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Raheel Warsi – Board Member

raheelRaheel is a board member of Integrico, the Sweden-based software solutions company he set up in 2001, and the CEO. With a wealth of experience working in the IT sector, Raheel has helped to create and implement banking solutions for a wide range of leading companies across Europe. Passionate about technology, Raheel has excellent technical and architectural skills and has already developed the groundbreaking ArtisticCard. He also adviced and participated in the development and the implementation of the online banking system for the Norwegian start-up Warren Bank.

Raheel studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Thomas Gustafsson – Board Member


Thomas is a board member at Integrico and Senior Project Manager with more than 10 years of experience.

With a background in banking and telecoms and a passion for development, Thomas has worked at Integrico since 2007, during which time he has overseen several projects at Swedbank. Prior to joining Integrico he worked with the University of Wisconsin on a project in Antarctica, and before this for Telelogic, a Swedish technology-driven company developing software and services for the communications industry.

Thomas holds an MSc from Uppsala University.

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