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Integrico offers a wide range of products that enables organisations to increase their service offerings to end users while at the same time driving cost effectiveness and security. All our products are developed with the following core values:


To give value to the end customer
Our products aim to help our users either save money or generate income. Through products such as ArtisticCard, E-PostBox and E-Doc, companies can drive growth in their customer base and generate increased activity from their existing customers, while at the same time driving down costs through efficient, web-based practises.


To go Green
By keeping everything on a secure online platform, our products help eliminate the need for paper, postage and expensive printing costs. There are currently over 30 million messages stored on our E-PostBox database, which would otherwise have been sent by mail.


To be future-proof and generic
All our products are built so that, when required, companies can easily add further components in the future.


To be secure
Security is at the utmost of our interests. Our products have all been built to offer the highest levels of security.

Taking into account these values, we have been able to deliver products such as E-PostBox, E-Doc and ArtisticCard. Alongside to our own developments, we are also very happy to offer some of the best products in the world not from our portfolio to our customers. These have been chosen carefully, once both the software and the vendor company have been evaluated by our experts.

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